Banish Stress with Forest Oils

Ever heard of Shinrin-yoku? It’s the Japanese practice of “forest-bathing,” or taking in the forest atmosphere. Turns out, it’s a really healthy and beneficial practice, particularly for lowering stress levels.  Not so hard to believe, I think.  Forests are shady and peaceful, of course one might feel less stressed by walking around in them. Some … Continued

New Thieves Household Products from Young Living

I am waaaay more excited about laundry soap than I should be. You see, I have been wondering when YL was going to sell a laundry soap since I first jumped on the bandwagon.  And now they have! My hippie-mama heart is glad.  A wholesome soap powered by plant oils and natural enzymes, suitable for … Continued

Cancer Prevention: Reduce Toxic Exposure with Essential Oils

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is one of my favorite doctors of Functional Medicine and nutrition professionals.  I recommend all his books and materials to my friends and nutrition clients. Watch this video! Dr. Hyman gives 5 strategies for preventing and/or dealing with cancer: Get rid of sugar in your diet Eliminate food sensitivities Reduce inflammation … Continued

Just another day on the Chicken Ranch!

Who says life on the ranch is easy.  It’s not easy on the chicken rancher and it’s definitely not always easy on the chickens.  They sometimes get injuries just like you and me.  Other times, they can get all kinds of chicken mad and need a little Peace & Calm to settle down all that bustle … Continued

Why Oil Revival?

Essential Oils have been used by humans as medicines, food preservatives, health tonics, and beauty regimens for millennia. But with the advent of industrialization, much of our knowledge of the use and benefits of essential oils for health, wellness, and vitality was lost. The dominant culture became enamored with a one-size-fits all, industrialized, quick-fix approach … Continued

Ode to Progessence

I am experiencing Trauma Life as Progessence is out of stock again. I have Hope that someday Into The Future , We will get The Gift of Progessence again. For now I will try to have Gratitude for the bottle I have, and Acceptance that I can have Abundance without it, or maybe I just … Continued

My Joyful Days

Back in my day (said in an old lady voice), JOY didn’t come in the everyday oils kit. There were only 9 (gasp) oils back then. Fortunately, I was part of a wise and lovely group of ladies, who raved ferociously about the essential oil blend called “JOY”. ‘Wear it for perfume’ they said, ‘helps … Continued

Everyday Essential Oils – Getting Started

Everyday Essential Oils – Getting Started by Carrie Overfield   If you are new to essential oils, the wide variety of options can make it difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Young Living has put together a convenient starter kit that contains a useful assortment of oils to meet most families’ day to day needs: … Continued

Everyday Essential Oils – Thieves

Everyday Essential Oils – Thieves by Carrie Overfield   Of all of the essential oils in the Everyday Oils collection, Thieves is definitely one of my favorites. Formulated by Young Living, this blend of oils is made from five different plants shown to be effective against a variety of disease-causing germs: clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, … Continued

Everyday Essential Oils – Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Everyday Essential Oils – Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) by Carrie Overfield Of all of the essential oils, tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is perhaps one of the most well-known. Since it is so widely used, the demand for this particular oil has grown beyond that which can be naturally produced. In fact, Shirley and Len Price report … Continued