Stress and Immune Health

Since Autumn is the time when all the kids are back in school sharing germs, and people are coming down with viruses more often, I thought it might be good to talk about All Things Immune. And you can’t talk about immunity without talking about adrenal health and stress. I’ve been learning a lot about … Continued

Banish Stress with Forest Oils

Ever heard of Shinrin-yoku? It’s the Japanese practice of “forest-bathing,” or taking in the forest atmosphere. Turns out, it’s a really healthy and beneficial practice, particularly for lowering stress levels.  Not so hard to believe, I think.  Forests are shady and peaceful, of course one might feel less stressed by walking around in them. Some … Continued

PSA: No-Bake Poop Cookies

WARNING: If you are in any way scandalized by the mention of poop, you may as well move on from this post now. I am a Nutritionist by profession, therefore am immune to any internal shiver at poop talk; in fact it is my professional mission to make sure you are eating at least 30g … Continued

Cancer Prevention: Reduce Toxic Exposure with Essential Oils

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is one of my favorite doctors of Functional Medicine and nutrition professionals.  I recommend all his books and materials to my friends and nutrition clients. Watch this video! Dr. Hyman gives 5 strategies for preventing and/or dealing with cancer: Get rid of sugar in your diet Eliminate food sensitivities Reduce inflammation … Continued