Cool cartoon illustrating the dangers of the toxic world we live in with lots of interesting yet scary facts about the industries and companies you trust. Are you Ready to have your world shaken?  (4:29)

Be the CEO of your own health. Read the labels on OTC’s so you don’t become a statistic. We say, why not just avoid toxic side affects all together? (4:31)

How Tony stays healthy using Young Living’s products that support his body systems. (2:15)

Replace your medicine cabinet, cleaners and personal products with Essential Oils

What are essential oils, and why use them?

Essential oils are the natural, aromatic liquids that protect plants against disease, insects, and other environmental conditions. Their innate properties make them powerfully therapeutic for humans as well, promoting overall health, and supporting both physical and emotional well-being.

Why choose Young Living oils?

When it comes to essential oils – farming, distilling, and sourcing is everything! Young Living owns carefully curated farms all over the world whereas most other essential oil companies have no farms at all and many rely on harmful Chemical Distillation.

Due to the wide-use of synthetic chemicals and processing, a vast majority of essential oils on the market today are useful only for perfumes and cosmetics. Young Living therapeutic-grade oils however, are never diluted, cut, or adulterated in any way. Our Seed to Seal® Process sets the standard purity, potency, and authenticity – using a proprietary, low-temperature distillation process that’s entirely chemical-free.

A few Essential Oil uses:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Calming & relaxing
  • Alleviates stress & anxiety
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Supports lungs & sinuses
  • Promotes focus & clarity
  • Eliminates airborne and surface germs
  • Benefits your emotional state
  • Non-toxic personal care products (Deodorant, toothpaste, hair care, etc)