Journey to Health with Essential Oils

I have been on a health journey since 2004. In 2004 I was depressed and sick, addicted to diet coke and sugar, and covered in itchy, oozy eczema head to toe. My hair was even falling out because it was in my scalp. I was sick of dermatologists and doctors telling me it was incurable, that all I could do was use high-power cortisone and steroids to control my problem; and I started looking elsewhere for answers. I read a book about natural health (it was The Maker’s Diet, by Jordan Rubin), then another, then another and then piles of them; and I began making changes in my diet and lifestyle. I got indispensable help from a naturopathic doctor and a therapist. I was relentless. I juice-fasted. I got colonics. I got chiropractic. I got off all prescription medications. I was tested for food allergies. I went on an elimination diet. I got prayer from a lot of friends. I got rid of a lot of toxic stuff I was consuming and applying on my body. And I began to get better and better.

Then one day I realized I was more interested in Nutrition and Health than anything else, and I completely changed career paths. I took a bunch of chemistry classes so I could apply to a program for a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and for a while I worked full-time and worked on my school work. I finally finished my M.S. in 2010.

The last 11 years have been a constant, slow-moving at times, gradual learning about health, the environment, food, energy, myself, emotions, the human condition. I still have to work to keep my eczema under control; it will flare up if I’m stressed or eating badly — but I haven’t used prescription steroid creams in years. And then late last year I learned about essential oils. And I am SO, SO glad I did. Why didn’t I know about these precious oils before? I mean, I knew they were a natural way to fragrance homemade bath products, which I was happy about because I threw toxic petroleum-based fragrances to the curb early on in my journey. But I didn’t know much about the therapeutic benefits of them, or their amazing capacity (if they are of high quality like Young Living) to help bring the body into a healthy state.

Essential oils fit perfectly with my goals and lifestyle – beneficial for the body, beneficial for the environment, working on the root cause and not just the symptoms. I am still on the journey. I’m still optimizing and tweaking and detoxing, and it’s a process. I’ve had successes, and I’ve had failures. And if I’ve learned anything it’s that there is no magic bullet, and that it’s not an all-or-nothing game. But I’m so grateful to have these amazing tools in my tool basket, helping me along my way.

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Essential oils have changed my life, and helped me immensely.  If you’d like a starter kit for yourself, you can order one here.

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