What is the deepest, most profoundly hidden secret in life?

I had a dream from which I awoke at 3am Tuesday morning Aug 18, 2015.   In my dream I went around asking random people one question. I inquired of everyone I encountered, from a group of drunk homeless people, to college kids to the elderly.  I asked each of them

“What is the deepest, most profoundly hidden secret in life?”

A few of them shared. Their pieced together wisdom could be summarized as follows:


Our God created us to be powerful beyond measure and that this world is full of people that are intent upon guarding that secret and keeping us from learning that fact. Those people become irrational and unnaturally angry, when they see someone discovering that truth. They get angry because they are afraid. Afraid of what we may become, which is POWERFUL, INDEPENDENT and FIERCE!  Afraid, because they know that once we realize the limitlessness of what we are capable of, that we can no longer be contained, controlled … saddled, muzzled.  We are now unique.  No longer are we cattle, sheeple or the like.

With God as our covering, instead of man, we can truly become independent and free. Then that lie which they have built for us will no longer be safe … for them. At that point an individual man can make a difference. At that point, one man is dangerous, because he can now awaken others. And if two awakened men were to stand on either side of a mountain, they could move it.

We are capable of amazing things. The stuff and lore of storybook legend. We can be superheroes. We need only awaken to the fact. Discover it. Claim it.

When a beast roars in the jungle, the creatures are terrified. But have you ever heard a man roar? You will. … And the deceivers will shake!

This is the secret that I will one day pass on to my children. If on my deathbed I am asked for life’s wisdom, this is what I will share.

Now, go! Discover. Awaken. Claim it. ROAR! Repeat … and tell the others.

And if during your awakening your courage fails you, there’s always VALOR.



~ Matthew M.  (A.K.A. The Oil Barron)

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  1. penelope

    I love Valor and how it gives me courage. Interesting dream.


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