Huh? What’s a Zyto?

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If you have been immersed in the oily world for very long, you may have heard people talking about getting a Zyto Compass scan done. Zyto What-O? …Yeah, us too. But it turns out the Zyto is a pretty cool piece of technology that people are being helped by.

Now, as with everything else these days when it comes to health, wellness, supplements, oils – anything that doesn’t toe the fda-approved medical-industrial-complex party line – neither we nor the Zyto company can make any claims about the information a Zyto scan provides. It is merely information with which you may do what you will in the comfort of your own home. Ok? That’s my disclaimer and I’m sticking to it. I’ll add to this that I don’t own a Zyto, am not paid to discuss it, and have no personal skin in the Zyto marketing game. I just think it can be a helpful tool and am excited to see technologies like this that help people interpret their own bodies.

The Zyto Compass is a tool that communicates with your body by using computer technology that measures bioenergetic frequencies in the body. It will then compare that data to a database full of maps of bioenergetic information of a host of products – could be foods, nutritional supplements, oils, personal care products, plant tinctures, etc.  It uses this info to help recommend which products might be helpful to you based on energetic resonance.

It is most easily explained by simile.  As in: Zyto is “like” muscle testing.  Zyto is “like” kinesiology. Zyto is “like” measuring energetic resonance. In the same way that you might go to the office of your chiropractor or body therapist or biofeedback expert and have muscle testing done to get an idea of if a specific nutritional supplement, food, or therapy is resonant and therefore helpful to your particular body (your biochemistry, your energetic frequency, your mental/spiritual/emotional/physical state); you might approach a Zyto scan. It is not a diagnosis, not a treatment; only a tool for helping you decide which products to use.

If you are open to the idea of acupuncture, or of biofeedback therapy, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, or other alternative energy-based therapies; I would think you are more likely to be open to the concepts within which the Zyto works.  If you’re a Western medicine, chemistry-only type, you will probably toss the idea of Zyto to your metaphorical curbside. That’s ok. Be who you are. We, however, believe that nature is made of energy as well as matter; so developing and supporting technologies that help us measure, analyze, interpret, and use that energy is a useful occupation for us.

Ok, so how does it work? Does it hurt? No. You put your hand on the hand cradle, which the Zyto site describes as a, “galvanic skin response measurement device [that] collects subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin. The Compass software records these changes and generates a report based on these readings that identifies nutritional supplements based on these responses.” You don’t feel a thing.  And you get an emailed report of your results.

If your interest is peaked, you can contact Michelle, who does own a Zyto Compass and charges $15 for a scan.  Try it and decide for yourself if you think it’s a helpful tool for deciding which oils to use for you and your family.



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